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Cake Smash: The Best Way To Celebrate Turning One!

Updated: Jan 25

I cannot believe my baby girl is turning One. It's such a huge milestone and I feel so emotional knowing she's growing up. You'd think that I would be used to it with having two older children but I think that's actually made it worse, knowing she is my last child and I'm not going to ever have another baby. I am pretty proud to say I have photographed all my children's cake smashes!

Elijah's cake smash was 9 years ago when I was first making the jump from music photography to children and babies. I didn't have a studio and remember travelling from Leeds to Manchester and setting up my huge backdrop and lights in my parent's front room as it wouldn't fit in mine! I bought a cake from ASDA, made a t-shirt and off I went. Although the images are so far from my style now I still love them and it's so nice to see how much I've grown as a photographer.

Isaiah's first birthday and cake smash was when I used to have a home studio in Oldham. I had just rebranded and taken the leap into specialising in all-white and was finding my style within the natural baby genre. I wanted the theme to be rustic but neutral too so went for a white wooden floor with a log slice for a cake stand.

Alanna's cake smash was a big moment for me, it was the end of that milestone year and I wanted it to be perfect. She had just started taking her first steps which provided an additional challenge but I'm so pleased with how the images turned out and know i'lI'lll treasure them forever. I took some images of her with her big brothers and my husband and we all got involved in feeding her some cake. It was a lovely experience and the boys still talk of how fun it was to help smash up the cake.

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