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My Home Birth Story

Updated: May 8, 2022

How any woman gives birth to her baby is completely up to her and is a personal decision. When I was pregnant with my first I didn’t know how much choice there was when it came to having a baby so when I became pregnant for the second time I got stuck right in and loved reading up on labour and birth to help me make an informed decision and decide on my birth plan. The biggest thing that was going to be different was where I was having my baby, this time it would be at home.

The Manchester Evening News published this article on it and I was chosen to be interviewed about my experience and have my photos published.

It has been an amazing opportunity to spread the news about home births as currently less than 2% of all births are at home.

Some of the comments on the article talked about how if they hadn’t have had a hospital birth then the consequences would have been catastrophic but what people don’t take into account is that it isn’t for everyone. The doctors and midwives first have to approve you for a home birth, which they would only do in ideal circumstances and where there is minimal risk. There are many factors, which have to be taken into account before a decision can be made. You are also constantly re-assessed for risks throughout your pregnancy and so you can be reassured that if anything changes you’ll still be safe. Whilst you’re in labour the midwives know what to look out for and any early signs that you may need medical intervention are taken very seriously.

At my home birth I had the undivided attention of two amazing midwives, my birth plan was for me to do things as independently as possible, which they respected and mostly sat on my sofa having a natter letting me get on with things. During extremely busy times I’ve heard of women not having a midwife in the room for most of their labour as they would be looking after multiple women simultaneously.

I didn’t make the decision on a whim, it was carefully researched and multiple articles and journals were read before I chose to go ahead with a home birth.

My baby nor I were not in any danger at any point and I don’t feel ‘brave’ for having a baby at home. Whether you choose to have your baby at home or at the hospital or choose an epidural or to be completely pain-relief free, any well-researched and educated decision is the right one in my opinion.

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