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Manchester Birth Photography

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

I would love to get into this genre on photography. Giving birth is such an amazing and special time and I would love to be able to capture it for parents to look back on forever. I'm a mother of two and know that as much as you don't want to, you forget little details about your childrens' birth as time goes on.

Birth Photography
Manchester Birth Photography

In my final year on university we had to put on a photography exhibition and I chose my subject to be birth. I was so excited to have found the perfect lady and we met and spoke about everything and all was left was for her to go into labour.

When the time came I arrived at the hospital rearing to go, but unfortunately after a very long day the midwives sent me home as they decided a c-section would be best. Just after I had left the hospital the lovely lady did gave birth naturally and I was invited back the next day to take some lovely newborn and breastfeeding photos.

If anyone is considering birth photography in Manchester or the surrounding areas then please do get in touch. I am offering a significant discount for the first few births I photograph.

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